The Agricultural Department is responsible for the supervision of District Agricultural Plan and its incorporation into the District Assembly plan. Some of their objectives include ensuring the development and effective implementation of the district agricultural programs while coordinating and managing the District Department of Food and Agriculture  within the District Assembly. 

The agricultural unit is also accountable for;

  • collaborating with the Regional Director of Food and Agriculture as well as designing and implementing development programs in the district.
  • facilitating the development and promotion of agribusiness in the district.
  • Preparing the District Annual Agricultural Work Programs and Budget for submission to the District Assembly with copy to the Regional Director of Food and Agriculture.
  • Ensuring the collection and collation and analysis of data in the district.
  • Ensuring that scheduled training programs are implemented and technical backstopping provided.
  • Day to day activities of the district Food and  Agricultural Department, financial, human and material resources.
  • Preparing and submitting timely reports – monthly, quarterly, annual and special situation to the District Co-coordinating Director, copied to RDFA.
  • Establishing relevant demonstrations, field days, and discussions programs for farmers in the districts;