On Friday, March 8th, 2024, a significant engagement took place at the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal assembly involving private companies and institutions operating within the municipality. The purpose was to discuss collaboration opportunities to foster development in the area and address concerns raised by these entities. The meeting, attended by key figures including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Owusu Arthur, Presiding Member, Hon. Amos Danso, Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Jeremiah Agyekum Amoafo, as well as CEOs and Directors of various private businesses and institutions, aimed to promote mutual cooperation for the betterment of the municipality.

The session commenced with the Municipal Coordinating Director introducing the dignitaries and outlining the objectives of the engagement. Each stakeholder had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their respective businesses, setting the stage for productive discussions.

The MCE emphasized his role as a facilitator, pledging to listen to the grievances of the stakeholders and convey them to the appropriate authorities for necessary action. He stressed that municipal development relies not only on the government but also on the active involvement of the local populace.

Various issues were raised during the meeting, reflecting the challenges faced by businesses operating in the municipality. These included the urgent need for funding and capital amidst economic challenges, concerns about deteriorating road conditions and associated repair costs, as well as daily voltage fluctuations leading to increased expenses on generators during specific hours.

Additionally, stakeholders highlighted the overcrowding in markets and requested the construction of a new market to alleviate congestion and prevent disruptions to business operations. They also discussed the establishment of a Quarry Development Fund and sought support from the assembly for its management, addressing issues such as encroachment and unauthorized land sales by local chiefs.

The MCE assured swift responses to the concerns raised and committed to addressing them effectively. He also sought support from the stakeholders for a project close to his heart: the construction of the Assembly grounds using pavement blocks. It was agreed that formal letters would be sent to institutions and companies to request their support for this project, emphasizing the collective effort needed for municipal development.

The engagement marked a crucial step towards fostering collaboration between the municipal assembly and private entities, signaling a commitment to address shared challenges and work together for the overall progress of Municipality.

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