Physical Planning

The physical planning department is noted for the effective contribution to the rational development of sustainable human settlements in Ghana. They ensure that adequate plans, management and promotion of harmonious, sustainable and cost effective development of human settlements are in accordance with sound environmental and planning principles. 

This department is responsible for;

  • Planning and management of the orderly development of human settlements.
  •  Providing planning services to public authorities and private developers.
  •  Provision of layout plans (planning schemes) to guide orderly development. With the schemes possible conflicts between planned layout, the actual situation on the ground and ownership claims can be detected and resolved. The schemes are important in the concurrence process by the Lands Commission as part of registration of title.
  • Responsible for the overall development of their respective areas.
  • Approval of all planning schemes before it can take effect. 
  • Responsible for development control through the grant of permit for development