The meeting commenced at 10:30am with an opening prayer by Rev. Joseph Kassie, Reverend Minister of Dobro Presbyterian Church.


The Madam of Ceremony, Mad. Aku Yahyra from the Information Department called for a brief introduction of dignitaries and members in the meeting.



In attendance were following Dignitaries;

–          Hon. Isaac Kwadjo Buabeng – Municipal Chief Executive

–          Mr. M. M Hardi – Ag. Municipal Coordinating Director

–          Nana Owusu Ansah II – Darkoman – Dobro

–          Abusuapayin Ansah – Dobro Aboano

–          Nana Opare Berma – Chief of Onyinsu

–          Nana Obrokorm – Chief of Adokrom

–          James Agohaii – Mbrantehene Gidikope

–          Tirgubi Cofie Gbeve – Mbrantiehene of Ankwa Dobro

–          Nii Tettheh Kpanaku – Chief of Nsumia 

–          Asafohemaa Tekyiwaa – Asafohemaa Chinto

–          Nana Djan Kwabena III – Chief of Chinto

–          Abena Tsemanua – Nanahemaa Chinto

–          Florence Awuku – Nanahemaa Kotoku

–          Nana Oboubi – Chief of Ankwa

–          Ayitey Ankwa – Abusuapanyin Dobro

–          Rev. Joseph S. Kasi – Rev. Minister, Dobro Presby Church.

–          Abu Safyanu – Chief Imam Nsumia

–          Malam A. Saeed – Manprose Imam

–          Mohammed Surayi – Chief Imam Dobro 

–          All Heads of Departments



The Agenda for the meeting was declared by Mr. Mintah the Executive Director of Ark Development Organisation and acknowledge the efforts of organisers for organising this encounter to brief the general populace.

The Theme for the Town hall Meeting was dubbed “Performance of Nsawam Adoagyiri Budget for 2020 fiscal year”.




Hon. Isaac Kwadjo Buabeng, the Municipal Chief Executive chaired the meeting and welcomed dignitaries, Heads of Departments, Commanders of various security agencies and the general public, and acknowledged members present and thanked them for making ample time to attend the meeting since the notice was too short. He therefore urged each and every one to voice out their grievances and contribute meaningfully for the betterment of the municipality.



The Budget Analyst, Mr. Prince Asante presented the composite budget for 2020. He emphasised that, it is mandatory that the Assembly must organised periodic Town hall meetings to engage the general public on the progress of works by the Assembly.

He again emphasize on the monetary components of the Assembly for the year 2020 fiscal year. He mentioned that, the Town hall meeting should have been organised in March, July and September but of the Covid 19 pandemic and the various restriction on gathering hindered the organisation. 

He further stated a total amount of GH¢10,910,256.00 as the projected figure for 2020 budget and further explained the breakdown components; Internally Generated Fund (IGF) and Governmental Transfers including DACF, UDG, MPCF, DDF etcetera.

He stressed on IGF as a very vital component and sensitized the general public on the importance of the IGF since funds from central government sometimes delays therefore reducing the rate of implementation of activities.

He indicated that, the Municipal Revenue Performance is low with a total amount of GH¢ 2,977,611.25 as of June 2020, and IGF component contributing to GH¢ 909,311.00 out of the total. The low revenue generation can be attributed the impact of Covid 19 on most business, nevertheless the revenue performance  generally for the past years has not be encouraging therefore hinders the progress of development in the municipality since the demand from the public is increasing enormously day – in and day – out.

He urged the participants present to contribute their quotas by paying their tokens to the Assembly to increase the IGF contributions.




The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Isaac Kwadjo Buabeng presented on the progress of activities implemented in the municipality since 2017 to date. These activities ranges between all sectors of the economy; agriculture, education, health, social development, energy, governance and others.

He highlighted some of government initiatives as Planting For Food And Jobs, Rearing For Food And Jobs, DCACT, One Million Dollar Per Constituency, One District One Factory, Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), Free Senior High School, YEA and all other sectors of the economy.

Lastly, he highlighted some roads in the municipality that has been reshaped, patched and been constructed.




Mr Kingsley Owusu caution members not to lose their guard concerning Covid protocol and encouraged their family and friends to also do same since the Covid 19 is still in the system. He further informed members of the upcoming polio vaccination in the municipality for children under 5 years. He encouraged members to spread the information and alert mothers to avail their wards for the vaccination.  



Mr George Edonu spoke about Coronavirus Alleviation Programme Business Support Scheme (CAPBUSS). He mentioned this initiative as a stimulus package by the Government to help small scale business to sustain their business which has been affected by the Covid 19. He stated 1,908 persons in the municipality have benefited from the fund as expressed that Nsawam Adoagyiri fall in the top 5 municipality in the region to have such beneficiaries. 



v  A participant wanted to know when Nsumia to Chinto road, going to be constructed since is in a deplorable state. MCE replied some selected roads such Dobro to Chinto, Commercial Bank, Nsawam A1 to Education office junction has been awarded and will be constructed next year. He assured that, contractor will soon commerce work on the road.


v  Nii Tetteh Banabo I, Nsumia Amakrado asked whether the Nsumia Community is part of the municipality. He argued that the Assembly has not done any developmental project in the community but due to the efforts of the community members and their leaders the community can now boost of a primary and JHS school in the community. MCE responded by saying that the number of communities in the municipality are more and the needs of the people increases every time whiles the available resource is limited therefore must be shared equally.

He added that, efforts were been made by the Assembly to construct a school in Nsumia whiles proposal from a doctor from USA decided to help construct the NAVA school for the community, therefore the Assembly cannot duplicate resources by constructing another school in Nsumia. He urged them to place their request through the Assembly man and will be granted in due course.


v  Dobro Chief Imam, also appealed the MCE to provide some of the donation to the Dobro mosques and asked where the Dobro market can be located. MCE answered that, unless they made him award of the plight, he is ever ready to help. He added that, the Dobro market can be found at Ayibi and the Assembly is yet to locate it so interested individuals can apply to the Assemblyman. 


v  Abrantehene from Gidekope inquired when the Assembly is going to help the community since the community has been neglected for long time. MCE replied that, the community members should forward their grievances through the Assemblyman to the Assembly to act.


v  Mr. Prosper Adjaho from Ankwa Dobro asked concerning electricity extension at Apalugu that there are no lights but the poles has been erected. MCE replied he is will inquire from the Member of Parliament and see the way forward. 


v  A participant also questioned that, before a building permit is approved for construction by an individual, do the Assembly do inspection of the land before approval. Mr Gideon Antwi replied yes the task force do the due diligence before approval. He lamented that, about 70% of indenges in municipality build without permit, and the government has enacted a law LI 23, 54 on building permit. Culprits will be fined or imprisoned for four years with the individual build without permit. 


v  Madam Regina Donkor, talked about the Toilet roll factory in the prison yard, she stressed that because the in mates have limited time and sleeps early this has resulted in low production, and therefore she is suggesting the factories of such nature should be constructed outside.


v  Mr Daniel Nii Aquaye enquired why pipe borne water has been connected from Dobro to Nsumia but individuals far from the roadside are not benefiting from the water source.  MCE replied that, with pipe- borne water connection, Ghana Water Company only lay the main pipelines to a community and expects various individuals to tap the connections to their various houses at your town expenses.


v  Rev. Joseph Kassie commended the Government and the MCE for their immerse achievements. He suggested that, abandoned projects should be continue especially those covered in weeds should be cleared. He added that the Town Council should check weeds and dirt in our towns. Lastly, he appealed to the Assembly whether private schools can be included in the Covid 19 protocols to avoid students’ congestion. MCE replied that, Covid 19 directives comes from the Central Government therefore the Assembly has been limited only implement such directives. He added that, such projects will be continue in due course and the Town Council will be informed to take action.


v  A participant lamented that, he is from peace town and ECG came to write their names and paid money concerning new meters connection but the meters has not been supplied. MCE responded that the distribution has now started, peace town will soon receive theirs and the payment has to do with energy commission but not the price of the meter. 


v  Mr Lardori asked when you moved in your building for less than a year are you expected to pay property rate to the Assembly. Mr Prince Asante reacted that, those who serve the letters are only messengers so in case who genuine reason come to the Assembly for deliberation your amount to be reviewed. 


v  Nana Djan Kwabena III, Chief of Chinto the chiefs from in the Dobro communities to stay united irrespective of your religion, and find amicable ways of resolving issues to help augment the rate of developmental projects in their localities.



Hon.  Isaac Kwadjo Buabeng, Municipal Chief Executive encourage the public to come to the Assembly to inquire for information themselves since the Assembly is open to all.

He further added that this year is an election year and entreat each and every one to be law abiding citizens and avoid unnecessary violence and vote peacefully in the upcoming elections.



The meeting ended at 1:08 pm with a  Muslim prayer by Mallam Sayed Alhassan

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