NAMA Gardens, located in the suburbs of the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly environs of the Eastern Region of Ghana covers an area of 64,800 square feet (0.006 square km). Established in 2018 as a reserved Park and Garden area for events, picnics, relaxation and preserved eco-system of trees and animal species. The area is covered with a lawn area on one side and a Garden with varied forest trees on the other side. The areas uniqueness lies in the fact that it is located within a built up area but filled with preserved natural tree species which releases a natural breeze comforting for relaxation, picnics and events. It is one of the only three locations within the Municipality that poses tourism potential that can generate revenue.
The Physical Planning Department of Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly’s Parks and Gardens Unit certifies the place as a natural eco-system dispersed with varied tree species and birds that come to breed. Tree species found in the Garden include: Ornamental plants:Akee pple ,mahogany,melitia ,Acasia,casia fistula, mimosups elengii,cananga, murraya, hibiscus and royal palm.
The Garden also serves as a natural habitat for bird species such as
The Lawn area usage hosts a guest number of 500 plus every weekend due to events such as Weddings, Engagements, Funerals and Parties being held there every weekend. This exposes the place to people to know of its usage every day. The relaxation area in the Garden also seats lovers’ benches for 100 people. The place is an eco-system of birds, trees and natural lawn for tour anytime and would need all the maintenance and promotion it would get due to its revenue generation capability for the development of the Municipality.

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