Hebron Prayer Camp, a sanctuary where thousands of Christians from all parts of Ghana come to pray and fellowship, turns out to be more than a place for miracles and spiritual edification, it also has some nice scenes that serves as tourist site for people who want to just connect with nature.

The church during its formative years, was able to separate water that previously flooded their land, and now has an island which is currently being used for farming such as Coconut, Cassava, Plantain surrounded by a residue of fresh water which have been miraculously turned into a fish farming pond with about 300 thousand fishes

Currently tilapia is the main fish being reared due to their ability to supplement the feed given to them by sourcing their own food from digging down the mud. The fishes harvested from the waters are sold to members of the church and the community whiles a portion of it are consumed by the leaders of the church.

In the future, the church has a plan of putting out structures that will attract more people there, and they also intend on adding more boat to increase the boat rides on the waters, which will give patrons the opportunity to see the full extent of the island with its beatification.

The place is open for individuals and groups who want to come around and experience the beautiful site that is located right in between the Greater Accra and Eastern Region

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