July 6, 2023 – A collaborative effort between the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly’s Environmental Health officers and personnel from the Ghana Police Service has successfully recovered two deceased individuals from an abandoned quarry site in Noka. The bodies were found submerged in a water-filled pit, prompting immediate action to ensure their safe conveyance to the Nsawam Government Hospital.

Led by the Municipal Environmental Health Officer (MEHO) and supported by three staff members, the team executed the operation with precision and efficiency. Their primary objective was to retrieve the bodies and implement necessary measures to prevent any potential outbreak of communicable diseases.

Upon retrieval, the pond in which the bodies were found was subjected to thorough disinfection, ensuring the elimination of any harmful microorganisms that may have been present. Furthermore, the immediate vicinity of the site was also sanitized to mitigate any potential health risks.

The Ghana Police Service personnel, responsible for the transportation of the deceased, promptly conveyed the bodies to the Nsawam Government Hospital. This step ensured that the necessary procedures and investigations could be carried out at the medical facility.

The joint effort between the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly’s Environmental Health officers and the Ghana Police Service reflects their commitment to public safety and the well-being of the community. By swiftly responding to the tragic incident and implementing stringent health protocols, they have taken proactive measures to safeguard public health.

The Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly advises residents to remain vigilant and report any hazardous conditions or incidents that may endanger public health. Collaborative efforts between the community, local authorities, and law enforcement agencies are crucial in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly’s Environmental Health Department at [0302986843].

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