Coronavirus: If you don’t need to talk, don’t talk- Health Minister entreats

The Minister of Health, Mr Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, has entreated all to avoid talking unnecessarily to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

“So many of us are talking unnecessarily and if you are infected, you open your mouth and the virus comes out. If you don’t need to talk, don’t talk especially when you don’t have the mask. They are telling us that we shouldn’t even laugh, especially when you don’t have the mask. We shouldn’t even sing. If we don’t observe these basic guidelines the disease will continue to spread,” he emphasized.

Mr Agyeman-Manu made this remark at a press briefing on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

His statement comes on the back of a research conducted by the US National Institutes of Health indicates that thousands of droplets from the mouths of people who are talking loudly can stay in the air for between eight and 14 minutes before disappearing.

“We are being asked to observe social distancing, yet some of us behave as if we haven’t heard what is going on. So, we should begin to accept the fact that the disease will be here for a while but we should try to reduce the rate at which we are spreading and getting infected,” Mr Agyeman-Manu added.

The Health Minister also urged the public to observe all the precautionary measures associated with the prevention of the spread of the virus.

“We cannot stop economic activities in the country…so we need to do something to enable us go back to our normal lives. Gradually, these things are becoming parts of our normal lives and we should all accept to obey or adhere to these guidelines”, he said.

He also said though complying may seem uncomfortable, “when we are not in normal times you manage what is around you”.

As at Thursday, May 14, Ghana’s Coronavirus cases had increased to 5,530 with 674 recoveries and 24 deaths.


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