The MCE and the Coordinating Director with some data collectors.

The Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal Assembly on April 2019 launched a data collection exercise to pick specific information from all businesses, institutions and organisations located within the municipal assembly.

The data collectors, mainly personnel’s enrolled on the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) who were posted to the municipal assembly were taken through a series of training by the MIS and Statistics Unit to equip them with the skills to effectively operate the mobile application that will be used to collect the data and were also briefed about the relevance and purpose of taking such data.

The data to be collected are in two categories; that is, Business Data and Signage. the business data seeks to gather information such as the the name and contact of business, name of owner, specific business location (including GPS coordinates), registration with other government agencies among others: where as the Signage data seeks to collects information about the name, contact, size, and location of billboards/signage situated within the municipality.

these data when collected successfully will help provide the assembly with a digital database of all businesses, institutions and organisations and their respective signage, which will consequently help the assembly to effectively and efficiently mobilize revenue from them.

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